S.S. Gazton


S.S. Lillemor
S.S. Oxana


S.S. Henny
S.S. Gazton
S.S. Fiona
S.S. Erixon
S.S. Conny
N-N Nina v G
S.S. Brisa
S.S. Åsanna
S.S. Zelda
S.S. Åsanna
H Helena v G
S.S. Ylva
S.S. Xanté
S.S. Tomas
S.S. Odessa
S.S. Nigel
S.S. Lola
Tina Turner v G
S.S. Flisa
S.S. Fame
S.S. Erika
S.S. Adam
S.S. Vera
Ulrica v H
S.S. Klara
S.S. Konrad
S.S. Äspen
S.S. Älsa
S.S. Olivia
S.S. Lovisa
S.S. Carmen
B. D Cream
S.S. Yvonne
M. Defender o B
P-R. Défi


S.S. Bertil
S.S. Beata
S.S. Ester
N-B Nick v G
S.S. Åfelia
S.S. Xandy
S.S. Xorita
D Douglas v G
S.S. Pidun
S.S. Mette-Marit
King Joris v G
S.S. Geisha
S.S. Goldie
S.S. Garbo
S.S. Cherry
S.S. Vivan
B.B. Rose
S.S. Kajsa
S.S. Älvira
S.S. Claudia



  Here you have all the Bassets through the years who are retired or have been hired to the kennel.

If you click on the photos or under “Retired” respective "Hired" then you will see their own page.

click picture for more information  Här har du alla de bassar som genom åren pensionerats eller gått bort samt de som varit inlånade till kenneln.

Om du klickar på bilden eller under "Retired" respektive "Hired" kommer du till deras egna sida.

Retired and Hired Bassets







CH Swede Sun's Henny

(born 2014-12-31)

CH Swede Sun's Gazton

(born 2013-12-19)

CH Swede Sun's Fiona

(born 2013-11-25)

CH Swede Sun's Conny

(born 2012-12-24)

CH Swede Sun's Bertil

(born 2012-10-10)

CH Swede Sun's Beata

(born 2012-10-10)

CH Swede Sun's Brisa

(born 2012-10-10)

Swede Sun's Erixon

(born 2013-11-04) 


CH Swede Sun's Ester

(born 2013-11-04) 

 CH Nick-Named Nina

v Grunsven

(born 2011-06-29)

Nut-Brown Nick v Grunsven

(born 2011-06-29)


CH Swede Sun's Åfelia

(born 2010-07-01)

Swede Sun's Åsanna

(born 2010-07-01)

CH Swede Sun's Zelda

(born 2010-03-25)

Hello Helena v Grunsven

(born 2010-03-22)

Swede Sun's Xorita

(born 2009-03-08)

CH Swede Sun's Ylva

(born 2009-04-21)

CH Swede Sun's Xantè

(born 2009-03-08)

CH Swede Sun's Xandy

(born 2009-03-08)

CH Daddy Douglas v Grunsven

(born 2008-10-14)

CH Swede Sun's Tomas

(born 2008-03-06)

CH Swede Sun's Pidun

(born 2007-07-03)

CH Swede Sun's Odessa

(born 2006-12-22)

Swede Sun's Nigel

(born 2006-08-07)

Swede Sun's Lola

(born 2005-12-05)

CH Swede Sun's Mette-Marit

(born 2005-12-30)

CH Tina Turner v Grunsven

(born 2004-12-25)

CH Swede Sun's Flisa

(born 2003-10-11)

CH Swede Sun's Fame

(born 2003-10-11)

Swede Sun's Goldie

(born 2003-11-26)

CH Swede Sun's Garbo

(born 2003-11-26)

CH Swede Sun's Geisha

(born 2003-11-26)

CH Swede Sun's Erika

(born 2003-06-19)

CH Swede Sun's Cherry

(born 2002-12-21)

CH Swede Sun's Adam

(born 2002-05-09)

CH Swede Sun's Vera

(born 2001-05-12)

CH Swede Sun's Vivan

(born 2001-05-12)

Ulrica v Hollandheim

(born 2001-01-28)

CH King Joris v Grunsven

(born 2000-03-18)

CH Big Bone Rose

(born 1999-10-04)

CH Swede Sun's Kajsa

(born 1998-11-07)

CH Swede Sun's Klara

(born 1998-11-07)

CH Swede Sun's Konrad

(born 1998-11-07)

CH Swede Sun's Älsa

(born 1997-02-22)

Swede Sun's Äspen

(born 1997-02-22)

CH Swede Sun's Älvira

(born 1997-02-22)

Swede Sun's Olivia

(born 1995-05-11)

CH Swede Sun's Lovisa

(born 1995-02-15)

CH Swede Sun's Carmen

(born 1993-03-12)

Swede Sun's Claudia

(born 1993-03-12)

Barratini Double Cream

(born 1993-02-02)

CH Swede Sun's Yvonne

(born 1992-03-19)

CH Maghefeld Defender

of Bassbarr

(born 1991-05-25)

CH Pain-Riche's Dèfi

(born 1988-06-04)


(born 1986-05-03)



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